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Swallowed Alive by Molie


"You're Still Alive? Get over here!!"

Molie is a stunning and volatile Giantess. She appears in front of you in a devilish red and black corset wearing fishnets. She walks toward you and laughs as you tremble in fear. You look up at her and see smokey, glaring eyes staring down on you. Before you know it, her foot descends on top of you! Mercifully, she stops squishing you just before your bones snap. She bends down and checks if you're OK.. (she doesn't like to eat dead people - only live ones). She picks you up and - well - you know the rest.

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Crushed-Alive by Molie

Hello down there! My name is Molie, and I'll be squishing you today like a little bug that you are. Check out a free preview!
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